The Blogger – Part 2

The Blogger, sitting with his hand on his cheek and an empty plate of Elvis Stuffed French Toast in front of him, watched the Copper Kettle Café fill up with guests from behind his computer.

The Waterdown café was getting busy with it’s morning rush, but The Blogger’s attention was primarily drawn to the woman in the corner.  He was amazed at how meticulous she was with the placement of her coffee and apple fritter and how she hid behind her laptop pretending to type on it.

The Blogger was interested in what she was seeing and was imagining the things she was thinking.

He started to write, titling it The Lone Woman.

He noticed her staring intently over at a passionate twosome who were positioned by some works of art and watched her smirk behind her coffee mug.

He watched the twosome for while as inspiration sparked for a separate story which he penned The Duelling Artists.

Directing his thought back to The Lone Woman, “She likes passion”, he wrote.

After lifting his head from typing more about the loan woman he noticed that her attention had shifted over to three business people holding a meeting in the café.

He saw her roles her eyes at one of the men who he assumed she thought was arrogant and she saw her blush at another man in a green plaid shirt.  He than caught her sitting up in admiration of how the woman in the meeting conducted herself.

The Blogger started a new page called The Business Meeting and started to write about the different and quirky interactions that were happening there.

Not wanting to lose his focus on The Lone Woman he turned back to her, when he was distracted by a noisy group walking through the door.

He watched the young group, full of life,  for a minute.  

He typed on his computer The Pre Trip Travellers.


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