The Business Meeting

Charlie and Michael, friends and business partners, sit down at the Copper Kettle Café after ordering a Classic Cappuccino and a Caramel Latte respectively from their friendly barista Helene.

Michael with a sigh says “I really need this Caramel Latte this morning”

Charlie, knowing Michael looks at him worriedly. “Late night again?  You know how important this meeting is for our company”

“That’s not it” Michael assures him. “I was up all night thinking about how I want to pitch this thing to Sandra.  She is one of the most established business owners in the area let alone Waterdown.” 

Charlie takes a sip of his Classic Cappuccino and proceeds to remind Michael about their product and how good it is, “I built this thing, you’ve presented it a hundred times and know it inside and out.  Just be confident and don’t come off as too eager”.

Just then Sandra enters the café while finishing up a call on her cell phone.  Michael jumps out of his seat.  Charlie rolls his eyes thinking to himself that Charlie’s Specialty Latte must have worked.

“Hi Sandra, I’m Michael”

“I recognize you from your LinkedIn profile, Michael” Sandra recalls cheerfully.

Michael enthusiastically offers to buy Sandra a beverage and snack.  He has been to the Copper Kettle Café many times so he suggests that she tries out the Signature Hand Crafted Artisan Scones to eat.  

Sandra points out that she stops into the popular Waterdown café a few times a week on her way into the office and really enjoys the Signature Apple Fritters and a Classic Latte.

Michael invites her to take a seat over with Charlie and he carries on to order the Latte and watches for Sandra’s Fritter through the Fritter Observatory Window.

While Charlie makes some small talk with Sandra, Michael continues to wait. As he waits, he notices a woman in the corner of the cafe glancing at him with watchful eyes. Michael thinks to himself that he must have picked out the right shirt today.

With the snack in hand Michael joins in the the conversation. “Sandra, your Fritter and Classic Latte just as you requested”

“Well Michael, you certainly do make a good first impression”, Sandra replies happily. Charlie scrunches his face, points at Michael and mouths the word “you??!” behind Sandra’s back as Michael makes an ‘I told you so’ face and nods his head sideways looking right back at him.

Now Michael is gleaming with confidence and he is about to roll out his pitch, but Sandra cuts him off. “I need to tell you before you start, from my research your software looks fantastic and it appears to work very well from the demos you have online, BUT I am still very wary. My businesses are all doing quite well and I don’t see how investing in this will make them any better.”watch movie T2 Trainspotting now

A nosey group walks in the doors of the Copper Kettle Café and interrupts their conversation.

A challenge. Charlie and Michael love a challenge.

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