The Lone Woman

Lisa, a regular at the Copper Kettle Café, gets cozy back in her favourite spot in the corner of the café.  She has her In House Mug of coffee and a freshly baked Signature Apple Fritter.  

Lisa is a very soft spoken woman, but full of thought and wonder.

She opens up her laptop computer, not for any reason but to peer over.  She sets her coffee and her fritter in the same spot every day to the right of the keyboard.  The warm fritter to the font and the coffee about 4 inches behind it.  With her station comfortably set up she is ready to observe the people coming and going at the Copper Kettle Café.

The first thing Lisa notices, is what she assumes is a couple, passionately arguing over by the artwork on the wall displayed for the public to appreciate. She takes the time to pause on them as she sips from her mug of coffee wondering what it is a couple might be arguing about.  As the volume of the argument rises Lisa gathers that the growingly insistent conversation is about the two drastically different types of work hanging on the walls.

Lisa, with a smirk, likes it.  She loves passion.  She wonders to herself ‘are they a couple?  I sense love, but they are so upset with each other’.

Her attention is then drawn over to a loud and overly enthusiastic man trying too hard to impress a woman who just walked through the door.  His back is to her, but she can tell he is offering to buy something for her.  The woman, who Lisa presumes he is trying impress for some reason, moves on to sit down with another more relaxed and pleasant man.

She says to herself, ‘Now that is my kind of guy, and I like his plaid shirt with that solid green tie.  He is obviously the intellect of the group.’

The ‘Trying Too Hard Guy’, who she has now named, has moved over to the Fritter Observatory and slowly turns around.  Lisa out of curiosity leans in to catch a glimpse of his face.  Removing herself from the safety of her laptop shield.  

They lock eyes and the overly enthusiastic man nods his head at her in confidence.

Lisa screeches in her thoughts, ‘I’m busted!’ while she looks down to take a bite and a long sip from her coffee mug.

Once she gets the courage to look back up from her favourite spot in the Waterdown café the man had confidently joined the other two in the group.  Lisa is very interested in this group of three.

A large and loud group walks in the door.  Lisa is annoyed by them, but can’t help but watch the show while thinking, ‘I’m going to need a Red Eye for these people’.

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned each week to hear another story from The Blend. What will happen with Lisa and her private corner? Who else will we get to know?

Also, look for some extra “perks” for checking back each week.  It’s Coming.


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