The Trailer

The Blend brought to you by The Copper Kettle Cafe.

A series of stories that all, somehow, are a part of the café. Each story very individual, yet all very connected. Stay tuned each Thursday to get a closer look at the twists, the stirs or, as it’s put, The Blend.

Here is a glimpse into each of the story lines.

The Business Meeting – Charlie and Michael are business partners and they are meeting with representatives from an established Waterdown business to pitch them how their software could change the way they do business for ever.  Sandra, the owner, is interested in what they have to offer but is still a little wary.

The Lone Woman – Lisa, typically soft spoken and removed, enjoys being alone in a social environment – with a fritter.  Full of thought, creativity and wonder.  You will be amazed what comes from her when she speaks.

The Duelling Artists – Rachael and Sindbad, both aspiring artists.  Rachael a funky and metaphor inspired artist, wants her art to reach the world and is starting by displaying it at the Copper Kettle Café.  Sinbad also wants his art, traditional in nature, displayed prominently at the café.  The two battle it out to see who can get the most recognition.

The Pre Trip Travellers – 7 people in their mid 20s.  Friends since high school.  Getting together before their trip up to Sauble Beach.  Richard, Jason, Lionel, Lindsey, Kristy, Jasmin and Anna.  Old memories and new adventures ahead.  Lots of laughs at the Copper Kettle Café in Waterdown, and of course a twist.  A round of Red Eyes are needed for this group.

The Seasoned Couple – every morning a retired couple, Nancy and Robert, gather for their mid morning coffee and snack at the Copper Kettle Café. A life time of love sprinkled with nit picky arguments are displayed at the café. Just when they thought there wasn’t anything new in life, this happens.

The Birthday Party – There is an Open Mic at the Copper Kettle Cafe, so a group of 5 friends decided to celebrate Cindy’s birthday while their friend, Matt, opened himself to the world at the Open Mic. Emotions fly when Matt gets a little too open on his mic.streaming Fist Fight film

The Blogger – A man with an idea but seeking more inspiration sets down in his home town of Waterdown at the Copper Kettle Café. He requests an Americano and an Elvis Stuffed French Toast, sits down, observes and the ideas start flowing. It’s amazing what he gets from the guests of this wonderful café.

Stay tuned each week to hear a new story with a growing twist in The Blend. Also, look for some extra “perks” for checking back each week.

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