The Finale – Part 1

Today I walked into the Copper Kettle Café searching for inspiration.  I found exactly what I needed:

It was a different kind of day at the Copper Kettle Café in Waterdown.  Some people came and went as they usually do with their coffees for the day.  Others stayed to enjoy the casual relaxed atmosphere as they normally would.

Today though, there was something unique in the air.

A loud group walked in the door of the café and seemingly interrupted everyone.

Michael and Charlie were holding a business meeting at the café which was put to halt because of the commotion. They were able to get back to their pitch with Sandra, a big business owner, while they nibbled on their scones and fritters.  

Charlie, dressed in his favourite green plaid shirt, got into the details he loves so much about their product.

Even with the noise from the young group in the background the two business partners were able to impress Sandra.  As the 3 of them shook hands their attention was diverted to a another disturbance over by the art corner.

Two local Waterdown Artists, Rachael and Sinbad, were disputing who’s art should be displayed more prominently in the café while drinking their Chai Tea Latte and Americano respectively.

The two seemed passionate.  There was a lone woman in the corner that appeared to be interested and intrigued by their passion as well.

The artistic duo were intent on finding out what the rest of the guests of the café thought about their art work.

They approached the large energetic group demanding that they vote on who’s art they liked the best.  The young group was a little taken back by their approach but played along after getting their coffees and snacks.

All 7 of them placed a vote and it was close.  4 votes for Rachael’s funky inspired art and 3 for Sinbad’s more classical look.

An elderly couple sitting in the middle of the café over heard what was happening and wanted in on the action.  The new business partners were excited by all this as well and demanded that their votes counted too.

Stay tuned next week to find out what really inspired to write this story while sitting in the Copper Kettle Café in beautiful Waterdown, Ontario.

Yours Truly,

The Blogger


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