The Birthday Party

A group of five friends gathered at the Copper Kettle Café in Waterdown.  It is Cindy’s birthday and she wanted to celebrate in the place that she has shared so many good times with those closest to her.

Cindy, Matt, Janice, Curtis and Alex all sit down with their round of coffees while they wait for their salads and sandwiches they ordered for lunch.

As they settle in, they over hear a crowd of people cheering and clapping. One older gentleman yells out, “just kiss her already!”

The group can’t help but smile and wonder what is happening over in the corner by the art work.

Curtis speaks up, “Sounds like a party over there, but who cares, we have our own celebration here.  Cheers to Cindy and her 28th birthday!”  The group raises their mugs in honour of the birthday girl.

“Any birthday wishes, Cindy?” Janice asks raising one eyebrow.

Cindy noticed that part of the café was set up for Open Mic Night later that night.  “My wish is that someone sings me a special birthday song.”  She says with a blushing smile and hides behind her mug of coffee while taking a sip.

Just then Scott swings by with some food for the group. “Cindy, here is your Kettle Cob Salad with chicken.  Matt, Ruben with soup.  Janice you are having the “Brie” L.T.”

Helene follows up with two more plates for the group, “Hi Curtis, this is your Harvest Salad.  Last but not least, Alex, your Bacon and Cheese with a Pearberry Salad.  Enjoy!”

They look at Scott and Helene to thank them, only to be interrupted by a tapping sound on the the microphone.

They turn.

Matt is standing there behind the microphone with an acoustic guitar in hand.  “Is this thing on?” He says.

He Continues, “Sorry to interrupt what ever is going on over their in that art corner, but we have something special to celebrate today.  It is the birthday of one of my closest friends and my secret crush, Cindy.”  Matt breaks into his own rendition of “Everything I do” by Bryan Adams.

Cindy, in shock and holding back tears, listens to him sing. 

When Matt finished the song the café was silent.

Cindy jumped out of her chair almost knocking over her salad, if it weren’t for Alex who caught it.  She ran over to Matt and gave him an embrace that seemed like it never ended the two staring at each other in the eyes.

Everyone in the café clapped and whistled in excitement for the two.

“Thank you.  That is exactly what I wanted for my birthday”, Cindy said.


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