The Fritter Story

Our signature Apple Fritters start at the orchard.  Our apples come exclusively from Belvedere Orchards/Drummond Farms which is located on 5th Concession west of Center Road here in Waterdown.  The main Apple Variety that are used in our delicious Treat is “Mutzu” more commonly known as Crispin in the Grocery Store. However, from time to time when the Harvest permits we will use ”Courtland Apples”.  We chose these varieties for their heartiness.  If you are looking for a quality apple in any size or variety please go see our friends up at Belvedere Orchards.

Our Signature Apple Fritter Batter was created by Owner & Culinary Master Beth Drummond.  This is a proprietary recipe, but we can tell you that it is made with eggs, flour, milk, baking powder and the rest is a big secret!! If you are concerned with allergies by all means let us know.

Finally, an amazing apple fritter must be cooked to perfection.  We use a shallow Deep Fryer set to 350° F. They usually cook for about 2 minutes per side or until golden Brown.  Stop by the restaurant and watch yours being cooked through our “Fritter Observatory Window” The kids love it!

Oh, and we have a lot more to choose from too

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