Specialty Coffee

The Coffee Story

We buy our coffee directly from a farm in Brazil. The history of this farm began in 1890, when the great- grandmother of Fazenda Cachoeira’s present owners bought the first coffee farm near Poços de Caldas, bordered between São Paulo and Minas Gerais.

The plantation was made in the valley of São Sebastião da Grama, 1200 meters above sea level with rich volcanic soil and unique climate, both ideals for Specialty Coffees.

The family’s traditions are kept alive today by its fifth generation of coffee growers who produce over 200,000 bags of the finest Brazilian Arabica on several farms located in the choicest areas of the country: the very best out of the Brazilian Coffee.

The new generations of the family have been able to balance tradition and modernity, personal attention and technology, grower posed by the growing specialty coffee market has prompted the family to use the Bourbon and other high-quality varieties in all new plantings.

Respect for Nature

Respect for nature and its preservation has been passed on from generation to generation. Coffee plantations are located next to preserved natural forests to ensure ecological balance.

Solid wastes from processing are incorporated into the soil, and the quality of the mountain spring water is maintained by the use of either the natural process or the “Pulped Natural” systems, with minimal consumption and recycling.

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