Firebat Espresso



COUNTRY: El Salvador
REGION: Alotepec mountain range, Metapan

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Firebat Espresso


Our Espresso Roast is one of the most versatile coffees in our line. Indulge in our Espresso to elevate your daily espresso experience. This roast is made with the home barista in mind, it provides a smooth and consistent shot that is mellow, sweet. We’ve refined this roast to have little acidity and no bitterness.

The Bean
We’ve crafted our espresso blend using a combination of two single-origin bourbon beans. The bourbon varieties have a natural sweetness and lend themselves to a silky bodied roast. The beans used are all sourced directly from the farmers in El Salvador to ensure fair-trade and an amazing quality bean.

The Roast
Both of the varieties are processed differently. One is fully washed and the other is honey processed. The fully washed bean adds a crisp clean flavour and the honey adds sweet and fruity undertones to this roast. We roast these beans weekly by hand so you can enjoy a fresh espresso with a beautiful flavour in every sip.

Brew Method for Espresso:
This roast makes a powerful and decadent shot to rival all when brewed espresso style. This roast isn’t limited to just espresso though. If brewed using a filter method it delivers a delicious medium body cup with notes of chocolate and molasses.

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 9 × 8 in

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