We Present To You The Copper Kettle Cafe

Although only just established in 2015 the Copper Kettle Cafe has already has the feel as if it were a part of the Waterdown community for many years.  Comfortable and casual, it is perfect for grabbing a pick me up on the way to work or a mid day snack while you power through some over due work.

You can be your self while sitting in one of our lounge chairs collecting your thoughts or in one of our wooden chair to stay focused on what ever tasks lay before you in life.

At Copper Kettle Cafe we don’t want to be a stop along the way in your day, we want to be a part of your day.

Please join us, Scott, Beth and Derrick and the rest of the team anytime for a quick hello or a longer more relaxing visit.






















Show your appreciation with a Copper Kettle Café Gift card. You can't go wrong.