5 Reasons To Order Catering

Have you ever been hosting a business meeting, a birthday party or any other kind of event for that matter and you felt like you had too much to do?


At Copper Kettle Café we will do the work for you, deliver it right to your event and present it professionally.


Here are 5 reasons you should use Copper Kettle Café for catering:

Time Saved

You too can focus your time on enjoying the event!  Take away the hours spent in the kitchen preparing and then serving your guests.  Our Catering Team will look after the food and drink for you.


We understand that your event may be on a tighter budget.  For that reason we developed our catering menu to be flexible so that it can fit into anyone's planning.  We will even take the time to look at the menu with you to help you decide what is right for your special occasion.


People attending your event will see that this is an important occasion when they notice you have chosen to cater. The atmosphere and attention you pay to your event makes a long-lasting impression.

Versatile Selection

Our catering menu gives you great selection to choose from.  We have an assortment of options from Sandwich trays, Baked Goods, Salads and more.  Not one catered event is the same.  Your's will be special and selected to fit the event. 

Less Stress

From the decorations, the cooking and the preparation; all of these things can add unneeded stress to your event.  All you should be focused on is socializing.  Your stress level is always lower when you put a strong team of culinary professionals in charge of the details. This will be better for you and your guests alike. 


Please get in touch with any questions and we look forward to being a part of your event.






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