The Seasoned Couple

Nancy and Robert, a retired couple, slowly walk into the Copper Kettle Café doors.  Happy that it’s a beautiful day and happy that they are at one of their favourite spots.

They make it up to the counter where they are greeted, as usual, with a big friendly smile from their Barista Helene.

Nancy leans over the counter and orders her “usual”.  

Helene responds, “whole wheat cream cheese bagel and a London Fog coming right up!  How about you Robert?” 

Robert orders, “A Medium Coffee and a Fritter please”

“Apple or Pear Fritter today?”

“Apple Fritter”  Robert replies licking his lips.

They move to the side smiling at the next customers, a couple well dressed young business men, while they wait for their beverages and snack.

The couple absolutely loves the comfortable environment of the cafe. They have seen many changes over the years in Waterdown and griped about most of them, but the Copper Kettle Café is one they have welcomed.

Nancy and Robert find a spot to sit in the middle of the café after thanking Helene for preparing their order.  Always pleasant and polite to the staff and other guests of the cafe, but not always with each other.

After sitting down, Robert starts in on Nancy, “Why did you take that seat?  You always get the best view.”

“What are you talking about, Robert?  You have a wonderful view of the street from where you are sitting”, Nancy replies.

“You know that’s not what I like to look at?”

“Oh, you would rather look at that cute young woman in the corner, would you?” Nancy says sarcastically.

“Very funny lady!  You know you are the only one I have eyes for.”

The couple has been through a lot, but love each other unconditionally.  Almost as much as they love teasing each other.

They have grown wise in their age and think they have seen it all.  They can almost guess what is happening with all the people the Waterdown café.  In fact, whispering to each other, they start to.

Robert starts off, “The two that were behind us in line that ordered the Cappuccino and the fancy Latte, they look like they are about to pitch an idea.  The one guy seems pretty eager, it must be important to them.”

Nancy observes, “That woman in the corner, she is here as often as we are.  There is something very interesting about her, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.  She seems to be taken by the guy in the green plaid shirt though.”

“The woman who joined the two business guys”, Robert continues, “she seems like a big deal.  I wonder what she does?”

Nancy complains, “That group of youngsters that just walked in are a little annoying.  I bet they are going to order Red Eyes.”

Robert calms her, “Come one Nancy, we were once young and full of energy like they are.  They are the future!”

Then he turns his attention, “These two over by the art work.  Are they a couple?  They seem to be in a heated argument!  Reminds me of our passion.  Oh, wow!  They are going over to that group.  What is going on here?!”


Thank you for reading! Still to come – The Birthday Part and The Blogger.  Watch and see how things blend together.

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