The Finale Pt 2

Hello, it’s me The Blogger again.  I am very excited to tell you how this story blends together here at the Copper Kettle Café in Waterdown. So, with the business meeting a success, The Duelling artists were collecting votes from around the café.  The Pre Trip Travellers had the count at 4 to 3 in[…]

The Finale – Part 1

Today I walked into the Copper Kettle Café searching for inspiration.  I found exactly what I needed: It was a different kind of day at the Copper Kettle Café in Waterdown.  Some people came and went as they usually do with their coffees for the day.  Others stayed to enjoy the casual relaxed atmosphere as[…]

The Blogger 3

The Blogger watched the guests at the Copper Kettle Café in Waterdown as The Pre Trip Travellers walked through the door.  A number of them seemed annoyed. The Lone Woman rolled her eyes and went up to the counter to order a Red Eye.   The Business Meeting came to a holt in the middle of the closing pitch.[…]

The Blogger – Part 2

The Blogger, sitting with his hand on his cheek and an empty plate of Elvis Stuffed French Toast in front of him, watched the Copper Kettle Café fill up with guests from behind his computer. The Waterdown café was getting busy with it’s morning rush, but The Blogger’s attention was primarily drawn to the woman[…]

The Blogger – Part 1

“Scott Meets The Blogger”   It was early in the morning and the Copper Kettle Café in Waterdown was just opening it’s doors.  An eccentric man dressed in some suspenders and a hat was waiting to come inside. The doors unlocked and the man stepped in where he was greeted with a smile and a handshake from[…]

The Birthday Party

A group of five friends gathered at the Copper Kettle Café in Waterdown.  It is Cindy’s birthday and she wanted to celebrate in the place that she has shared so many good times with those closest to her. Cindy, Matt, Janice, Curtis and Alex all sit down with their round of coffees while they wait[…]

The Seasoned Couple

Nancy and Robert, a retired couple, slowly walk into the Copper Kettle Café doors.  Happy that it’s a beautiful day and happy that they are at one of their favourite spots. They make it up to the counter where they are greeted, as usual, with a big friendly smile from their Barista Helene. Nancy leans[…]

The Lone Woman

Lisa, a regular at the Copper Kettle Café, gets cozy back in her favourite spot in the corner of the café.  She has her In House Mug of coffee and a freshly baked Signature Apple Fritter.   Lisa is a very soft spoken woman, but full of thought and wonder. She opens up her laptop[…]

The Business Meeting

Charlie and Michael, friends and business partners, sit down at the Copper Kettle Café after ordering a Classic Cappuccino and a Caramel Latte respectively from their friendly barista Helene. Michael with a sigh says “I really need this Caramel Latte this morning” Charlie, knowing Michael looks at him worriedly. “Late night again?  You know how[…]